Girl with guitar on a mountaintop playing lyrics and chords for Sitting On Top Of The World

“Sitting On Top Of The World” Lyrics and Chords

“Sitting on Top of the World”—or “sittin’” if you prefer—is a staple of American roots music that’s been played in just about every style since it was first recorded by the Mississippi Sheiks in 1930. That version, written by Lonnie Chatman and Walter Vinson, is in the Library of Congress’s National Recording Registry. Howlin’ Wolf’s … Read more

Railroad workers swinging the nine pound hammer

“Nine Pound Hammer” Lyrics and Chords

You’ll find no shortage of prison songs and railroad songs in the bluegrass canon, and sometimes you’ll find songs that cover both. “Nine Pound Hammer” is all about swinging a big hammer, and its lyrics come from the laborers and chain gangs that worked on railroads in the post-Civil War era. Fiddlin’ Charlie Bowman from … Read more

A weeping willow tree by a lake like the one in the lyrics to Bury Me Beneath the Willow

“Bury Me Beneath the Willow” Lyrics and Chords

This song about being abandoned by a lover goes way back. It was first documented in a 1909 compilation of songs by the Missouri Folklore Society, but had clearly been well established as a local favorite for years before that. The composer is unknown. In early versions the narrator is a woman, but the genders … Read more